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Never Slippin' XL Reversible Double Layered Bonnet


If you enjoy sleeping on a cotton pillow, this double-layered, extra-large, reversible bonnet is your new best friend!  It's essential for protecting edges, hairstyles, and hair health.  Check out the "benefits" tab for more information on its benefits!


Bonnet Benefits

Let's get into all of the things this bonnet has in store for you:


  • This bonnet is a very silky satin making it perfect for keeping hairstyles in place overnight and eliminating frizz.


  • The bonnet is only "scrunchy" in the back.  We created it this way to prevent it from slipping off the head for rough sleepers.


  • The scarf is flat and perfect to put right above the edges.  Unlike some bonnets made with the 2-in-1 scarf + bonnet, this scarf is silk (not cotton/polyester) you can place it on your edges without it causing heavy friction to your beautiful baby hairs.


  • The scarf tie is extra long so you are able to wrap it around your hair multiple times for extra support at night or throughout the day (because who said I couldn't wear my bonnet while running errands?).


  • The bonnet is reversible, choose your color! 


  • The double layer of the bonnet helps keep your hair frizz-free and protected.


  • You can fit large and small hairstyles in this bonnet.  It's stretchy and adjustable


  • Are you getting crimps/curls a day before your big event?  Throw this on and it will hold the Flexirods/pin curls with no problem. 


Comes With 

This bonnet comes with a pouch to store your new luxurious bonnet.