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Flaxseed + Cotton Heating Cap


 High quality & Soft Material: Very Comfortable design with outer material consisting of flaxseed and microfiber cotton for a soft, comfortable feel.    

♡ Consistent & Even Heat Distribution: Our unique design that consists of flaxseed inside ensures that heat radiates through the entire cap evenly and gently. Flaxseed is unique because it is one of the best options in retaining moisture and can be re-warmed time and time again.

♡ Portable and cordless: Lightweight and portability allows for flexibility and freedom while conditioning. Eco-friendly and reusable. Great for traveling and can be used for other purposes such as a small warming pack or mini warming pillow.

♡  Deep Conditioning: Regularly use the heating cap with any of our deep conditioner to improve hair strands, reduce breakage and split ends, and improve your hair health.

♡ Deep Shine:  The heating smooths the cuticle, eliminates frizz, moisturizes the hair, and promotes outstanding shine.


This microwave heating cap does not require a power supply, just put the hot treatment cap in the microwave for 1 minute.  The heat will last for 45 minutes.  Use the thinner shower cap provided and put it underneath the flaxseed cap.  You can walk freely while conditioning your hair.


Do not submerge the cap directly under water.  This cap is as natural and eco-friendly as it gets.  It has flaxseeds inside them which are the best natural heaters, but if they are submerged in water they will mold.

Make sure to use the thin shower cap underneath the flaxseed cap.

Do not heat the cap past 2 minutes.  Look at the tag on the cap for all cautions.

This is my favorite cap I bring it on vacations and use it while I'm studying and I never have to worry about sitting in one place.

Do not submerge the cap all the way into the water.