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About Tina Kelly and Her Brand

About Tina Kelly and Her Brand - TinaKelly Brand

Throughout my life, I’ve had really great times with my hair— and some really bad. I went from straightening it everyday to try to fit in, to bleaching the entire thing, to short hair, and finally now to fully moisturized curls.  Over the course of my life, I’ve had to find different products that worked for my hair. 

I believe it shouldn’t be this hard to find good hair products.  Over time, I realized that the best hair products are products made with safe and natural ingredients. 

It wasn’t until I started making my own hair products that I noticed a change in my curl pattern and the length of my hair.  I have met too many black women trying to find what is right for their hair when the answer is so simple.  All of the extra chemicals and fragrances used in our hair products are what strips our hair from its natural vitamins. 

 I remember when I was in 8th grade I was in a store looking for new hair products.  I went to the aisle marked "Beauty" and saw nothing there for my hair.  I went to one of the employees and asked her where I could find some products that were right for my hair and she pointed me to an aisle in the back of the store.  There I was able to find products that were right for my hair but I felt sad inside.  I hated the fact that I had to walk right past the beauty section into an isle that was paired with mens products.  A few years later after complaints the store added ethnic hair products to the beauty section, but I never forgot it.  Ever since then, I had a dream of making black woman feel like they were beautiful too.

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About the Hygieia Line - TinaKelly Brand

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